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Hamidrasha School of Art, B.Ed. FA Graduation Show - 2011
Who is Fon Stern? Text by: Rona Stern

Fon Stern comes from a prestigious suburb on the outskirts of Tel Aviv, born to academic parents. From a young age, she exhibited a rebellious streak and a fascination with political groups. At the age of 12, she delved into punk culture, expressing defiance toward the norms imposed by her school. Despite her disinterest in formal education, she displayed a keen curiosity for history and delved into various philosophical texts.

Following conflicts with authority figures, she redirected her focus toward studying art, a decision that transformed her life. Through art, she not only discovered a world of creative expression but also learned the power of propaganda within systems shapes and colors.

While always socially conscious, she struggled to envision her role in creating change. Though she found solidarity with like-minded peers, she felt a deeper, unshareable core of revolution within herself. Refusing to enlist in the army upon drafting, she dreamt of exploring the world, skeptical that her radical vision could inspire blind devotion or lead to tangible change.

In a society where conformity reigns supreme, illness appears as a symptom of the collective refusal to acknowledge underlying issues.

Uncertain of her legacy and the impact she will leave behind, she questions whether simply embodying her ideals is enough. Believing fervently in her cause, she sees herself as the architect of a new reality, built upon the ashes of the old, a collective sacrifice for a brighter future.

Silent yet provocative, Fon Stern eschews overt recruitment or propaganda, trusting that those who grasp her message will come to her of their own accord. She sees her role not as one of instruction or revelation, but rather as a catalyst for awakening dormant thoughts. She understands that true control stems from belief, truth plays only a minor role.

Fon Stern remains grounded, acknowledging her status as a living legend, a manifestation of the reality she seeks to create. Through art, she creates myriad personas, each a reflection of the complexities of the visual signified.

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