Rona Stern


War is peace

Gallery 39, Tel Aviv, Israel - 2011

Crator: Danny Yahav Brown
War is peace
Text by: Danny Yahav Brown

War is peace, peace is war. Rona Stern establishes an impossible equation;one that gains its absurd validation via the equal sign that separates and connects both sides: two opposing ethos that language forces together. The existence of the equation in the real world, as much as we would like to doubt it, to think of it as a linguistic trick, is not totally bogus. In a sense, it is like making a U turn right after we completed one. Hence, it becomes a pointless race;one that riding through it only blurs in a scary manner the starting and finishing line and hence, and somehow by the very same logic of the work tittle, Stern builds environment in which holiday an mourning intwined; one that the sound of explosions and its light can be an outcome of a flashy terror attack as much as of fireworks. By doing so, Stern exposes our addiction to visual power. Often this addiction prolongs ethical question that need to be asked about our addiction. It is a subversive mechanism of pleasure that raises questions regarding its moral origin: "war or peace. which do we buy into"? And by the same clever token, we are sent to conduct yet another U turn only to find out how much we crave, first and for most, unconditional visual pleasure

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