Rona Stern


In The Middle of The East

Büro für kulturelle Übersetzungen Gallery, Leipzig, Germany - 2016

Curators: Kristina Semenova, Olga Vostretsova

Text by: Kristina Semenova, Olga Vostretsova

The East is always somewhere else. It is often dangerous, exotic or even (post) Soviet connotations. Disaster pictures from the so-called "powder keg" Middle East exist alongside with the romantic longing for palm trees, white sands and ancient forms at the cradle of civilizations. In our fantasies on the whole seems the magical light of the eternal moon.
The artist Rona Starn created her installation "In the Middle of the East" for Бükü - Office of Cultural Translations with means of deconstruction, appropriation and mimicry historical, cultural and political aspects of continuous.
Image take off on the Middle East. As the past is invented in the installation and re-staged. Stern sculptures are reminiscent of historical exhibits and artifacts that come from so-called archaeological dig. Their authenticity is nevertheless always questioned. Originals and copies of mass production are mixed and different historical plains are woven together into a narrative. By disassemble and re-assemble the familiar patterns and shapes, Rona Stern creates objects that reflect the complexity of cultural mixing were imagery influences reality.

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