Rona Stern


From north and south we came from east and west

Artist Unlimited Gallery, Bielefeld, Germany - 2017

Text by: Rona Stern

"From North to South, From East to West" is a journey exploring sculptural elements shared in our public spaces. This exhibition breaks away from monuments tradition to delve into the merge of different cultures, crafting narratives that bridge geographical divides surching for a common visual story.

In this realm of parallel world, everyday items erase cultural divides, sparking a longing for shared ideals and beauty. I search to experience how public spaces worldwide communicate through a universal visual language, prompting unity in our interconnected global landscape.

The essence of "From North to South, From East to West" is to understand this shared visual language and its impact on our sense of belonging. By examining familiar structures, the exhibition prompts contemplation on our shared identity and the bonds that connect us, regardless of our origins."

Photos: Lucie Marsmann
* The title From north and south we come from east and wast is a quote from the Whistleblowers by Laibach.
Salame Road, 20 min lop, Watch full video

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