Rona Stern


Big Dreams Bigger Disappointments 

 A&O Kunsthalle, Leipzig, Germany - 2019

Text by: Rona Stern

Big Dreams Bigger Disappointments is an installation crafted from the works I produced during my Meistersculptor studies at HGB Leipzig. This installation is centered on exposing the political interests that lie beneath the aesthetics to which we are accustomed. It delves into a visual journey, searching for ways of deciphering structures and shapes within our public spaces, revealing the memories and desires they evoke, thereby undermining the perceived power they hold over our perception of the past and future.

This installation aims to explore the evolution of various forms in public spaces worldwide and why they eventually began to resemble each other. To address this question, I believe it's essential to first understand the emotional mechanism of the lowest common denominator. Big Dreams Bigger Disappointments reimagines images from our everyday lives as symbols of a contemporary reality devoid of nostalgia for the past or promises of a better future. It presents a present without cultural hierarchy, solely emphasizing representation and visibility, proudly showcasing the juxtaposition of the emptiness of the meaning with the richness of imagery.

Salame Road, 20 min lop, Watch full video
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